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Market Days

There is just something about a farmer's market that I love.

As a seller at our local market I have new found appreciation for the farmers who bring their wares to market one, two or even three times a week. Ensuring your products are presentable and appealing to customers, checking over your table setup, establishing a pricing menu that is reasonable, easy to understand and eye-catching, confirming that you have a healthy amount of small bills for change or double-checking that your mobile device is connecting for digital payments...the list goes on. It can be stressful at times, but I truly enjoy the experience.

If I surveyed the other market sellers on their favorite part of market day, I bet I would get a similar response from most/all; the conversations with folks passing by, browsing or shopping their stands. It's not the thrill of a new sale that makes the experience more enjoyable, it's carrying on a ten-minute conversation with a gentleman who used to make maple syrup with his dad and reminiscing about how the process hasn't changed all that much over time. There is also the chat with an elderly woman who "misplaced" her husband somewhere at the market and her patience and spending cash is running low! She didn't buy anything at my table, but she made my day.

I always make a point to smile, make eye contact with the passersby, and offer a friendly "Good Morning" regardless if they stop to browse the table display of delicious jams and maple syrup. Every so often it draws someone in for a closer look or it opens the opportunity for them to ask a question about prices, selection, or process. And I love to talk about the process of making maple syrup second only to actually eating it. Folks are fascinated about the varying colors maple syrup can take on and I' always happy to offer some education.

The weekend farmers market is a social event for so many. It's a place for them to run into old friends and family. It's a place for the traveler to find something "local" to take home, enjoy and remember their time visiting the area. It's a great time to create some new friendships with other sellers or strike a deal (a bottle of syrup for 3, giant, homemade cookies was a steal). If you're into people watching, the farmers market is a great place for that too. Perhaps you'll overhear the debate between spouses on needs vs. wants (that was entertaining and happened right in front of my table).

So, stop by the table, browse the selections, ask questions, and maybe even make a purchase. I'd love to strike up a conversation and perhaps convert you to "real maple syrup" in the process.

Montague Farmers Market July 2019

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